Siemens advocates Egypt model of electricity for Nigeria

To realize regular electricity supply in Nigeria, the need for the Federal Government to adopt the Egypt model of power generation has been emphasized.

Egypt is currently building a gas-fired power station, regarded as the largest in the world.

When fully completed, the plants are expected to supply enough electricity for 45 million people and enable Egypt to achieve $1.3 billion in fuel savings on a yearly basis.

Siemens and the Egyptian government had reached firm agreements to build a 4.4 GW combined-cycle power plant and install wind power capacity of 2 GW.

Speaking at a media parley recently, Siemens’ Vice President, Power and Gas, Nigeria, Nasir Giwa, said that to effectively solve the challenge of irregular power supply in Nigeria, there is a need for the Federal Government to adopt the Egypt model of electricity solution.

He said: “The Government can adopt it at the regional level if it is skeptical about making it a national project. If today, for instance, we are building a 2,000mw of electricity in Kaduna, many industries will come back. Availability of power will lead to industrialization.

“In a single transaction, the Government of Egypt awarded a 16,000mw power project. Now, as at last year, we have completed about 4,000mw, which is a combination of gas-based power plant and wind turbine. I wish we could do that in Nigeria. This is what collaboration can do between government and companies. Just imagine Nigeria is able to have additional 5,000mw in 18 months through this Siemens energy solution.”

Giwa noted that that the Siemens energy solution involves all it requires to take the energy generated to its final destination. He added: “Egypt currently have enough power, but they are making plans for the future by providing additional capacity. Nigeria needs this kind of bold initiative. We are willing to collaborate with the Federal Government or State government to provide this effective energy solution in Nigeria”.

Giwa also declared Siemens readiness to partner with Lagos State Government in its quest to provide regular electricity in the state.

He recommended the company’s aeroderivatives power solution to the Lagos State Government.

He explained that with an electrical generating capacity of up to 44 megawatts, the aeroderivative gas turbine is packaged for rapid deployment and can be installed in less than two weeks.

According to him, its design features outstanding power density, high fuel efficiency and excellent operational flexibility.

“It is a new product in terms of packaging but in terms of technology, it is not a new product. It has been well tested. This is part of our creativity to find out how we can further bring a solution that will be more impactful to our people and it will be a key solution.

“I must commend the Lagos State Government for coming up with the Light up Lagos initiative. We have 40mw solution to assist the State to realize its target of 3,000mw. This technology will be a key solution to the Light Up Lagos initiative. With this solution, 40mw can be ready in two weeks. Siemens is the first to come up with this solution. I will encourage the Lagos State Government to move faster than they are moving now.
“Siemens is ready to support Lagos in realizing its dream of regular electricity. We also want to correct the impression that Lagos will be used as a testing ground for this technology. It is not a new technology. It has been tested and proved to be an effective energy solution. We also have creative financing solution to support the project. We are deeply interested in what is going on in the country and we are always ready to provide the best technology to assist the development of the economy”.

Siemens’ Field Sales Manager, Power and Gas, Modele Idiahi said that the company is also speaking to states in the country to embrace the energy solution.

Source: The Guardian