Ikeja Electric records zero fatality in Q1 – 2018

Nigeria’s largest electricity distribution company, Ikeja Electric,  has once again demonstrated her commitment to high safety standards by achieving a zero fatality record in Q1 of 2018 according to the safety report released by the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA).

In the report which covers the eleven (11) Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Ikeja Electric, and two other distribution companies did not record fatalities.

Speaking on the notable record achieved by the company, Head, Health Safety & Environment, Ikeja Electric, Engineer Jamiu Badmos, said safety was a non-negotiable component of Ikeja Electric’s overall growth strategy. He said: “Safety is our lifestyle. We have a well-qualified team that constantly stresses on global best practices at all times, and while we are thankful that there are no such fatalities in our network, we do not take it for granted, because the work isn’t done yet. Sometimes accidents occur even when you think they should not. This is why we introduced the Target Zero campaign that continuously trains and retrains staff, especially those in high risk areas to ensure that nothing is left to chance”.

Over the years, Ikeja Electric has consistently elevated its safety standards through several initiatives in order to reduce hazards and fatalities. Its 2018 HSE campaign tagged ‘Target Zero’ encompasses series of periodic initiatives including internal HSE training, safety hurdles at the Undertaking Units, contractors’ safety engagement, public safety sensitization programmes on electrical infrastructure, field compliance monitoring among other activities.

In addition to these, Ikeja Electric recently launched its proprietary board game, Power Play, an educative and entertaining game designed to inculcate the culture of safety against electricity hazards among consumers. The game is conceptualized and manufactured locally. It comprises a segmented board, dice, tokens and labelled cards with instructions on how to play. Professional bodies such as the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), tertiary institutions and students across the state have acknowledged the benefits of the game.