Power drop, harsh whether caused Lagos substation fire —TCN

By Energy Worth

A drop in the quantum of electricity taken by power distribution companies in Lagos and the harsh weather condition on Thursday led to the explosion of a power transformer and the resultant fire incident at the Alagbon substation.

According to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), although the fire has been put out, the inability of the power distribution firms in Lagos to take electricity contributed to the fire outbreak.

In a statement issued in Abuja by the General Manager, Public Affairs, TCN, Ndidi Mbah, the company said, “The TCN hereby states that at about 0559hrs of today (Thursday), amidst rainfall and associated heavy lightning, there was very sharp drop in power taken by the Discos in the TCN’s transmission system in Lagos area.

“With very serious drop in the load in Lagos and consequent system over-voltage, the T2 66MVA 132/33 kV power transformer at the Alagbon transmission substation tripped on differential simultaneously with the explosion of the transformer Rph 132kV lightning arrester, which was followed by a fire outbreak that affected the transformer.”

Mbah added that the fire had been put out and electricity load at the Alagbon substation was being re-organised to ensure that the firm continued to supply power to distribution load centres for their customers.

The TCN noted that because it had N-1 transformer capacity in the substation, Alagbon would conveniently transmit the 20 megawatts power that ought to have been transmitted by the affected transformer through other transformers in the substation.

“Assessment of damage to the transformer will be carried out as soon as the TCN completes the rearrangement of load in the substation. Also, normal supply will be restored to the affected areas before the end of today (Thursday),” it added.