The Nature Conservancy to showcase natural climate solutions at the Africa Climate Summit

By Oke Peter
Organiser of the African Climate Summit has announced that scientists and experts from The Nature Conservancy will be showcasing natural climate solutions at the event slated for September 4 – 6, 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya.

During the summit, the delegation led by the Regional Managing Director, Africa at The Nature Conservancy, Ademola Ajagbe will be highlighting its initiatives to promote natural climate solutions in tackling the interconnected crises of climate change and biodiversity loss in Africa. Ongoing initiatives that cover land, freshwater, and oceans, aim to deliver reduced emissions, while increasing the ability of people and the environment to adapt to climate change impacts.

The Nature Conservancy’s sustainable finance solutions are incubating community-led carbon enterprises and supporting national governments to secure innovative financing mechanisms for conservation and climate action. Its Water Funds model is creating healthier watersheds, with more than 15 water funds launched or under development in Africa. This is in addition to equipping farmers with climate-smart agricultural practices and working with pastoralists to implement sustainable grazing practices, among other solutions.

At the summit, the scientists and experts from The Nature Conservancy will be showcasing these initiatives in various sessions discussing sustainable financing mechanism for conservation, mangroves and the blue economy and adaptation. The following experts are available for interviews:

Ademola Ajagbe – Regional Managing Director, Africa
Kevin Juma – Africa Forest Carbon Catalyst Director, Africa Program
Muhtari Aminu-Kano – Policy & Government Relations Director, Africa Program
Munira Anyonge – Kenya Program Director
Fredrick Kihara – Africa Water Funds Director, Africa Program
Moses Ikiara – Kenya Project Finance for Permanence Director
Charlie Langan – Carbon Markets Director, Africa Program
Michael Misiko – Agriculture Director, Africa Program
George Maina – Africa Fisheries Strategy Manager, Africa Program

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