Power outage in Osogbo is for safety -IBEDC …To restore power in 4 weeks

By Oke Peter
The management of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has apologized to its esteemed customers, over current power outage being experienced by Iludun, Kasmo, Fiwasaye, Oluode/Kolawole, Owode/Igbona, Surulere/Oke Ayo/Sabo, Atelewo/Plantation, Arikalamu, Akintokun, Ifesowapo, Ife Olu, Asoje, Mosadoluwa, Isokan and Kelebe communities in Osogbo and Ikirun under the Oluode 11KV and Ipetu Ile 11KV feeders, due to critical safety issues that have arisen on the power lines servicing these areas. This has led to several wire cuts and snaps which if unattended to can lead to electrocution of unsuspecting individuals, loss of lives and property.
The company, being a customer-oriented organization, deliberately shut down the feeder supplying power to the affected areas after due consultation with the community leaders, without minding the revenue loss that would result from this to enable the company thoroughly and effectively carry out urgent repairs on the affected lines.
As part of its responsibility to customers, the company engaged the community leaders and members serviced by the feeder to explain the cause of the outage whilst proposing a temporary solution that would ensure some supply, pending the completion of the repair work which is an extremely intensive and costly exercise.
From one of the many engagements prior to the protest, a four-person committee made of the community representatives was delegated to work with the distribution company’s technical team to conclude on load-shedding plans in order not to put the communities in total blackout pending the time the project is embarked upon.
Unfortunately, the leaders reported back that some of the community members are not in support of the load-shedding proposal which happens to be the only temporary solution.
IBEDC sincerely apologises to its esteemed customers in these communities for the inconvenience and appeals to them to bear with the palliative actions they have proposed for rationing power supply during the period of repairs.
It also implore customers to desist from the current spate of protests and threats embarked upon as it would not remedy the situation, but may lead to an exacerbation of the issue and in turn, slow the progress of repairs.
IBEDC is fully committed to the rehabilitation of this line within the next four weeks, and has promised to restore power to all the affected communities in time.
Source: IBEDC

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