Suspicion over tower collapse in Daura, as TCN invites DSS

There have been suspicions of sabotage and vandals’ activities on the recent collapse of a 132kv power transmission tower conveying electricity to Daura and neighbouring towns in Katsina state.

The tower which is among the many along the line is built by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) and transmits electricity to the Daura transmission substation in the state. The collapse of the tower is said to have restricted key quantum of energy being delivered to the area.

Our correspondent who surveyed the incidence area yesterday at Bela village observed that the base of the tower was sliced with an electric saw on all sides so it could fall.

The transmission project being handled by Optic One Nigeria Limited was expected to be completed before the end of 2018 and handed over to TCN before the sabotage occurred.

A farmer, Ahmadu Abdullahi, on whose farm the tower fell, said the experience was devastating and scary but could not categorically ascertain if it was a natural occurrence or an act of vandalism.

‘’But you can see the damage and some signs of cuts using a sharp object,’’ he added.

The project supervisor for the firm, Usman Aliyu Babajo, said it was clearly a case of vandalism, adding that, “from our preliminary investigation at the site, we met iron dust from grinder cutting. Bolts and nuts were forcefully cut open to further loosen for wind or any expected calamity.”

“If it is wind that brought it down, the whole houses here would have been blown out, The vandals cut some of its base to loosen it to allow the heavy winds experienced in the area to push it down,” he said .

He said three weeks ago, they supervised all the lines and nothing of such was spotted, during the routine patrol. He said; “What further confirmed our stand on sabotage was that no single material was missing from the site, insulators, suspension clamps, jumper are all intact. It is a confusing situation.”

Chairman of Daura Development Association, Aliyu Daura, called for proper investigation on the matter so the saboteurs are brought to book.

When contacted for response, the General Managers, Public Affairs of TCN, Mrs Ndidi Mbah said the firm suspected sabotage and has alerted the Department of State Services (DSS) to launch an investigation into the incidence.

“We are suspecting sabotage to embarrass the transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). We have involved the Department of State Services (DSS) who is investigating it. So we are awaiting the investigation to get the full result,” Mrs Mbah said.