SSAEAC accuses TCN boss of abuse of power, nepotism

By Energy Worth

The nation’s power transmission may experience huge hitch as a result of planned show down of labour union in the electricity sector with the Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Mr Usman Gur Mohammed, over his alleged high-handedness and interference with the affairs of members of Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSAEAC) in the employ of the company.

Already, the union has declared a trade dispute against the embattled boss of the company in a petition written against him by the leadership of the union which was cited by our correspondent.

In the petition signed by the General Secretary of SSEAC,Comrade Umar Dubagari, said there was no dispute among the TCN Branch of SSAEAC contrary to the company’s boss claim in a letter dated May 02, 2018 that the suspended members of SSAEAC TCN Branch alleged their suspension was unconstitutional.

The union said the development placed the TCN’s boss in obvious quagmire suspension of remittances of union dues deducted from members pending the resolution of the dispute.

‘’What a show of ignorance and incompetence by you as we have been calling government’s attention! You are indeed the next big mistake to happen to power sector, after the wobbling privatization. We state categorically that there is no dispute to resolve as you alleged.

‘’What we have is some dissident and disgruntled members of SSAEAC TCN Branch, who were sanctioned by the National Executive Council (NEC) of SSAEAC on the recommendation of the Central Executive Council, for anti-union activities as finally confirmed that you are their sponsor. You are desperate to be MD and union leader in show of no experience and ignorance pursuant to your rascally, indecent and lawless management style’’.

The union said by virtue of Rule 10 (xii) of SSAEAC Constitution, the Central Executive Council (CEC) shall have the power to discipline any member of the organization, including total expulsion from the Association if such member is found guilty of anti-Association activities.

It said in the same vein, Rule 12 (i) of SSAEAC constitution stipulates that:The power to establish a new Branch or to dissolve an existing one shall be vested in the National Executive Council, subject to the overall authority of the National Delegates’ Conference.

It added that Rule 12 (vii) of SSAEAC Constitution states under the dissolution, a Branch shall forfeit its Charter and all its assets and liabilities shall be vested in the Association.

Faulting the TCN’s boss claim that he received a letter from SSAEAC TCN Branch dated 30/04/2018,the union said the development was obviously instigated to coincide with its letter of same date.

The union punctured the legal standing of such a body in line with Third Schedule Part C of Trade Union Act wherein SSAEAC is listed as the only Senior Staff Union of electricity sector.

The union also accused the TCN’s boss of sponsoring illegal seminar with illegal letters signed by the suspended Yerima B. Hassan, with him backing the disruption of TCN operation for such illegal gathering against Rule 15(E) (v) SSAEAC constitution.

“You therefore are expected, where experienced, to sanction Yerima Bukar Hassan who we know is a crony of yours and, who is the anchor person in your quest to be a union leader instead of an MD, for gross indiscipline in the work place.

“In Abuja Disco, we expelled an insubordinate and recalcitrant Branch President and nothing like you are doing happened. Sanity has since returned to the branch. Just show you that you have a mindset based on clear limitations and arrogance to refuse advice and learning.

Puncturing the decision of the boss of TCN on suspension of remittances, the union stated that he lacks the locus standi to suspend the deductions of monthly remittances of its members since the company is not a court of law neither is the boss a judge to pronounce such.

“Again, you have brought out your bad background to be MD TCN by this blunder. We are aware that you are looking for where to fund your sponsorship of the renegade group from, in view your poor revenue performance and mismanagement. We dare you to give effect to this’’.

The union submitted that the action of the TCN’s boss is illegal and contrary to section 17 of the Trade Unions Act which empowers employer to make deductions from the wages of every worker who is a member of any of the trade unions for the purpose of paying contribution to the trade union so registered

The union is demanding from the embattled TCN boss, retraction of letter under reference with immediate effect, stoppage of recognizing and holding meetings with the suspended TCN Branch EXCOs on behalf of SSAEAC, stoppage of violating TCN Conditions of Service (COS) by allowing delegation of authority as enshrined,stoppage of victimization of staff by allowing due process; attention is drawn to recent interdictions beyond stipulation in the COS and stoppage of acts of favouritim and nepotism that have charactized your tenure, selecting cronies like Yerima and Dairo you promised Dollar salaries, , selective promotion , vehicles and money.