Lucy Electric launches expansion module for its Gemini 3 mini RTU

Lucy Electric has launched a range of expansion modules for its highly successful Gemini 3 Mini remote terminal unit (RTU) range.

The modules will allow flexible, plug and play expansion without the need to replace the unit.

The secondary power distribution solutions company’s new expansion unit comprises an expansion processor (EP) accommodating up to three more sub-assemblies (DI, DIO, SW) allowing the RTU to control up to six switches.

It can be user-configured to suit network needs and can support an additional expansion unit as well as multiple Analogue Measurement Modules (AMMs) via a CAN bus expansion port.

The new module’s switchgear control uses the same proven, secure multi-stage switching sequence with safety interlocks common to the Gemini range.

The units are also available without switch control for ‘monitoring only’ applications.

Future-proof scalability for RTU with Lucy Electric
With many network operators choosing this RTU as a cost-effective solution for major projects such as large-scale automation, without compromising on quality or functionality, the new expansion modules provide the building blocks for extending smart grid functionality with minimum disruption.

This scalability is easily achieved with a ‘plug and play’ installation for lower cost and quicker upgrade times without removing the unit from the system.

Tim Spearing, Automation Product Manager at Lucy Electric, said: “Our Gemini 3 Mini RTU range has one of the smallest footprints on the market and the new expansion unit adds future-proof scalability to its capabilities.

“With a growing network demand, this latest addition to the Gemini products ensures ease-of-use and hassle-free installation with built-in flexibility.”

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