Schneider Electric commemorates 1,189 days without LTI

Leading energy management and automation firm, Schneider Electric Nigeria recently held a Safety Day event to commemorate the achievement of 1,189 days without a Lost Time Injury and to recognise its field services team. 

A lost time injury (LTI) is an injury sustained on the job by an employee that results in the loss of productive work time. Per safeopedia, an injury can be considered an LTI only when the injured worker: Is unable to perform regular job duties; takes time off for recovery; or is assigned modified work duties while recovering.

Companies track LTI’s to provide their safety departments and management objective information about their internal safety programs.

Sprain or strain with the back, neck, and shoulder are some of the most common injuries across all industries and sectors.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC) the United States lost a total of $163.9 billion due to work injuries in 2020.

In a statement from Schneider Electric obtained by Energy Worth Online, the Field Services Director, Nnadozie Ogbuehi whilst giving his welcome speech emphasised the importance of the team’s milestone and urged them to always put safety in all they do.

From left: Funmilayo Olakitan – Marcomm Graduate Intern; Muyiwa Akinmejiwa – Field Services Channel Manager; Yewande Ayowole-Oso, HR Director; Omobolanle Omotayo, Marketing Communications Manager; Nnadozie Ogbuehi, Field Services Director; and Israel Adeboje, HSE Graduate Intern during the event.

Stanley Okoro, the Environment, Health & Safety team lead during his opening remarks stressed the importance of applying the S.A.F.E First principle before any task would be completed. He noted that safety had to be paramount to all team members.

“The theme ‘We care for each other’ was created around the company’s guiding principles and it hones in on the fact that we have to watch out for ourselves,” Okoro said, urging colleagues to report near misses or safety opportunities using the app, Enablon Go, to ensure process improvements. A workshop on mental health and wellbeing followed, after which some staff members came up to tell their “My SE story,” the statement said.

Individuals with the highest safety opportunities were also recognised with awards to encourage them and inspire others. The closing remarks reportedly highlighted the main objective of the day, which was the milestone that had been achieved and gratitude was expressed to everyone who had contributed to making it happen.

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