Wärtsilä launches Modular Block solution for sustainable power generation

By Oke Peter

Foremost technology group, Wärtsilä has launched a modular, reliable and efficient solution for sustainable power generation, with fast delivery and installation, Modular Block at the ongoing Africa Energy Forum (AEF) in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Wärtsilä Modular Block power plant solution is a pre-fabricated, modularly configured, and expandable enclosure for Wärtsilä medium-speed 34SG gas engine generators. 

Aside from the gas engine generator, the Wärtsilä Modular Block concept’s enclosure also incorporates engine-specific auxiliary units. The solution enables to reduce the on-site installation time from several months to a few weeks, depending on the full scope of supply.

The concept thus makes Wärtsilä’s advanced medium-speed engine technology available for applications where it would not otherwise be viable with a conventional custom designed perthe manent building. Medium-speed engine technology has inherently higher efficiency and lower lifecycle costs than containerised high-speed engines or gas turbine solutions.


Wärtsilä can offer the Wärtsilä Modular Block as a full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project. The solution is easily expandable to accommodate increased energy demand, ad to respond to fast-growing customer business needs. The concept also enables dismantling and relocation, meaning it also offers new business models, such as power as a service or rentals.

The Wärtsilä Modular Block is easy to integrate with renewable energy and storage systems. It is ideal for providing grid stability and balancing when integrating renewable energy sources with intermittent production. 

The flexibility of the concept enables its timely expansion with minimal front-end investments, or relocation to accommodate changing power generating requirements. This, combined with the high efficiency of the power generation asset, the minimised on-site installation time, and its configurability with external systems makes the Wärtsilä Modular Block an excellent solution for many power generation enterprises. It can be a perfect fit for industrial customers or utilities, and for independent power producers associated with them. 

Commenting, the Vice President, Engine Power Plants, Wärtsilä Energy Business, Antti Kämi said: “This takes our well-established experience and know-how in prefabricated modular power plants to the next level, combining modularity and ease of use with superior medium-speed engine performance. Modular Block, being a cost-effective solution that is configurable to different needs, scalable and re-deployable, brings fast and reliable power wherever needed.” 


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