GE Renewable Energy awarded contract for maintenance of Belo Monte hydropower plants

GE Renewable Energy’s hydropower business has signed a five-year contract with Norte Energia covering the full scope of routine, planned and corrective maintenance of the Belo Monte hydropower plant (11 GW) and its complementary powerhouse (Pimental – 233 MW). The amount of energy generated by the Belo Monte project is sufficient to meet the electricity needs of 60 million people.

GE Renewable Energy was previously selected to supply equipment and solutions for the construction and installation of the plants. The contract covers all maintenance work for a total of 24 power generation units. Eighteen of them are located at Belo Monte and another six are at the complementary Pimental powerhouse, located just a few kilometers from the main Belo Monte hydropower plant.

“GE’s experience in the maintenance of large-scale assets, our digital technologies and services, and the fact that we are also a manufacturer put us in a unique position to add value on this important project. We were the only company that could combine the expertise in manufacturing the assets with a corresponding digital offering,” says Pascal Radue, CEO of GE Renewable Energy’s hydro division. He adds, “The five-year contract with Norte Energia for the maintenance of the Belo Monte project’s assets highlights, above all, our experience and knowledge in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of hydropower plants, acquired in more than 20 years as a provider of O&M services in Brazil.”

The Belo Monte power plant is the largest hydropower plant in Brazil and the fourth largest in the world. Ensuring the proper maintenance of the Belo Monte project will help make the best use of its assets and resources to generate clean, affordable and reliable energy for millions of Brazilians. To execute the contract, GE Renewable Energy will assemble a team of professionals with expertise in mechanical, electrical, planning, health and safety, administration, and project management.

GE Renewable Energy is committed to providing and maintaining an installed base of renewable resources, including hydropower, which accounts for more than 60% of the electric grid in Brazil. Working with its customers, GE Renewable Energy is helping to reduce the cost of renewable energy and increase its competitiveness, while accelerating the energy transition worldwide.

Source: GE

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